A pre-set Training Programm, perfect for sharpening up an area of your game and for younger footballers just finding their football feet, including:

  • Player Profile​

  • Entry test (where applicable)

  • Final session comparison test

  • Opportunity for a game review

  • Use of adidas smart ball

  • Verbal end of course review


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£25 per session

8 Sessions 

1 session per week


Sessions planned weekly, based on the outcomes of the previous session, a focused Programme to analyse your techniques and improve an area of your game, including:

  • Player Profile

  • Entry test (where applicable)

  • Final session comparison test

  • Video recorded session to analyse technique

  • Two game reviews

  • Use of the PPT for a game

  • Use of the Adidas Smart Ball

  • Verbal end of course review and email review


15% discount on a 1:1 FFPC training top!​


£35 per session

8/12 Sessions

1 session per week


Each session reviewed with the player and the next session planned on the outcomes. This Programme goes into a detailed focus on every aspect of your technique to help improve and develop your game:

  • Player Profile

  • Entry test (where applicable)

  • Mid-course comparison test (12 sessions)

  • Final session comparison test

  • 2 video recorded sessions to analyse technique

  • 3 Academy Programme game reviews

    • AP Target Analysis

    • PPT Review

    • Stat Analysis (pass completion(%) etc.)

  • Unlimited use of the PPT

  • Verbal end of course review and email review


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£45 per session

8/12 Sessions

1/2 session per week



The 1:1 FFPC team uses the experience it has gained from playing, watching and learning the game to deliver coaching sessions that bring the best out of any player who works with us. Backing up our experience, Head Coach Matt Dingle, has years of direct experience in early years education, as well as time in other education settings and this has allowed us to develop a style that meets the needs of every individual.

For us, coaching is not just about drills and instructions; we develop the player in every way possible and help them to reach the targets that they set, no matter how big or small they may be.

Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to develop their game with our personal and unique 1:1 Programmes. By using our experience and knowledge we strive to create and deliver high quality, tailor-made sessions that work towards your personal goals, in a professional and productive environment.

Meet The Team

Matt Dingle

Found and Head Coach

FA Lv. 2 in Coaching Football
FA Lv. 1 in Coaching Futsal
FA Lv. 1 in Goalkeeping
BA Hons. Business Management
FA Lv. 1 in Talent Identification
FA Behavioural Management

Joe Gravestock

Senior Coach

FA Lv. 1 in Coaching Football

FA Lv. 1 in Coaching Futsal

BA Hons. Sport and Fitness Management

FA Behavioural Management Award

Tom Stanley

FA Lv. 1 in Coaching Football
BSc Hons Sport and Exercise Science

Andy Barr

FA Lv. 1 in Coaching Football