We currently have 2 opportunities available...


Hourly Rate: This will be dependent on qualifications and experience but the ranges are below:

1:1 Coaching - £12.50 to £17.50 an hour (varies on the Programme delivered)

After School Clubs - £14.00 to £17.00 an hour

Team Coaching - £14.00 to £19.00 an hour

Holiday Coaching - £50 to £100.00 per day (varies on the given role on course)


The main coaching hours are between 3pm to 4:30pm (for After School Clubs) leading into 1:1 coaching 5pm to 8pm. (candidates will need to be available for these hours)

Team Coaching can occur on a Saturday morning. 

Holiday Coaching is 9am to 3pm in the school holidays.


This is a self employed role. You will be responsible for your own organisation and communication but will receive continued support from Founder Matt Dingle, guiding you through the early stages and helping you to grow as a person and a Coach. There will be opportunities to go on further Coaching courses as these return. 


The opportunity allows for you to grow, if you are willing to put the work in this can be an extremely rewarding and enjoyable career path.


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Close date for applications is January 31st 2022.


A brand new opportunity from 1:1 FPC. This traineeship gives you the opportunity to learn Business Management and Football Coaching at the same time. Delivered by 1:1FPC Founder, Matt Dingle (BA Hons. in Business Management and FA Level 2 Coach) this opportunity will walk you through a intensive and designed programme of learning over 6 months, with the view to you completing your FA Level 1 in Football Coaching at the end of this period. 


In the 6 month period you will shadow Matt through coaching sessions in schools, 1:1, holiday courses and more as well as gaining key insights into the management and development of the 1:1 PC group. 


Learning will be recorded however not based on a pass or fail system at completion. The view is to develop you into a coach ready to deliver sessions for 1:1 FPC after the 6 month period, whilst gradually building up a client base of your own in this time. 

A job at 1:1 FPC is NOT guaranteed at the end of the 6 month period, however we will not wait till the end if we feel it is not a right fit. In order for the traineeship to be successful it is important you immerse yourself into the heart of the business, develop an understanding for its mission and show a commitment towards the clients you interact with. You will be expected to be available Monday to Friday 4:30pm to 8:30pm to shadow Matt in his 1:1 sessions, as well as joining him for various other sessions including after school clubs (3:00pm to 4:15pm) and some school time work (1:00pm to 3:00pm). The exact days and times of these additional sessions will be discussed and organised weekly.

With a traineeship this is not a paid 6 month period, however as you start to deliver your own 1:1 sessions (when competence is shown) you will get paid for the sessions that you deliver.

It is vital that you have your own car and driving license.

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No close date set for this role.